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I will shoot you!


And that’s not the half of it. I will shoot your family and your friends, too. I’ll shoot your dog, your home, your most priced possessions and all that’s dear to you. And I’ll feel good about it!

Chances are, you’ll like it too.


I will shoot your staff and your company, too. I’ll shoot your goods, your most priced articles and all that’s dear to you. And I’ll feel good about it!

Chances are, you’ll like it too.

As a professional photographer it is my job to capture a moment, a mood or feeling, or the very essence of things in a photograph. I shoot with years of experience, so I know where to start and what to do.


A large part of the work leading to a good photograph is setting it up and staging the image. Some great shots happen by chance, but most do not! I have a studio in Helsinki and a wide selection of lights and other equipment for photography in any kind of conditions, indoors or outdoors. I’ll shoot from a pool of mud, from a snow drift, or even set on fire, if I must. Just to get the best angle and best shot.


I studied with many photographers before my own career and learned a great deal assisting, observing and working and experimenting hands-on. That’s real old school, a master-apprentice style education, but invaluable in terms of experience. Oh, and yes, I also studied photography all of five years at various schools.


Knowing old school I can go new school too. I’m open to new ideas and like the process of brainstorming and setting up for a picture. A big part of the work and the final product is understanding people. I easily get along with people, especially kids. In fact, I’ve been photographing children since the beginning of my career. I can make people relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. This is many times the secret to a great photograph. I work exclusively in digital photography and also do image processing with the best tools of the trade.


So, I ain’t gonna shoot your dog, pilgrim, but I’m feeling trigger-happy! Wanna see who and what else I’ve shot? Check out my trophies in the gallery!


Studio: Suvilahdenkatu 7, Helsinki

Tel: +358400501838

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